Drive Burner duplicates Pen Drives/Micro SD Cards/Hard Drives or any other storage media, Simultaneously. It is as simple as that.

Drive burner comes in the following versions: The 3 drive free version and paid versions for 8, 16 and 24 drives. Please go to the Buy Now/Download link above for more information.


Screen shots of Drive Burner:

I) Buy the Drive Burner version you need. The 3 drive version is free. After purchase of any of the paid versions, you will receive an email with a download link and a License Key. Please note that pricing of Drive Burner is per burning PC.


II) After download you will be prompted for activation. For the 3 drive free version enter the License Key: GetFreeDB

For any of the purchased versions the License Key is in your download email.

Enter the required information, read the Drive Burner software license agreement if you have not read it previously.

Click the ‘Agree and Activate’ button to activate Drive Burner for the PC it is running on.

Please ensure that you are running Drive Burner on the PC it is going to be used on. Drive Burner license is per burning PC.

Requests to change burning PC will not be entertained.

Drive Burner Activation


If activation succeeds, the ‘Activation Success’ message will show up. If any errors occur during activation, Drive Burner will show those errors. Note that Drive Burner license is per burning PC, so attempting activation of one purchase of Drive Burner on multiple PCs will show errors.

Drive Burner Activation

Close close to continue.


III) Once Drive Burner is activated, the main menu will show up.
Connect the Pen Drives/Micro SD Cards/External Hard Drives you want to burn to the PC now. You can mix the media as desired.

  1. Screen shot of burning interface
  2. Drive Burner Activation

    Drive Burner shows the number of drives edition you have purchased in the title bar and the drives selected area.
    Click the … button to select the folder to burn. The ‘Detect Media’ button will become active.
    If you have not already done so, connect the Pen Drives/Micro SD Cards/External Hard Drives you want to burn to the PC now. You can mix the media as desired.
    Click ‘Detect Media’ button to populate the list of USB drives connected to the PC.


  3. Select connected media you would like to burn upto the Drive Burner edition you have purchased.
  4. Drive Burner Activation
    The ‘Start Burning’ button should become active.
    If all looks ok, click the ‘Start Burning’ button to start the burning.


  5. Drive Burner shows burning status and estimated time left as burning progresses
  6. Drive Burner Activation


  7. Wait until Drive Burner shows ‘OK to remove media’ message. Do NOT unplug media until this message shows up.
  8. Drive Burner Activation

    Duplication is now complete. Close and Restart Drive Burner for the next burning session.