Drive Burner FAQs:

1. Really? Does Drive Burner copy files to multiple Pen Drives/Micro SD cards/other media Simultaneously?

2. What problem does Drive Burner solve?
Say you want to distribute 200 – 8 GB Pen Drives with painstakingly created presentation/video content to prospective customers by mail or at that trade show booth. Copying the same content to 200 pen drives one after the other in Windows with take weeks if not the whole month. Save hours and hours of time and lots of hassle by duplicating 8, 16 or 24 pen drives simultaneously using Drive Burner. Instead of 1 month, you will be done in a few days !


3. What about compatibility?
Drive Burner is compatible with Windows versions XP and above (32 bit and 64 bit).
Drive Burner is compatible with USB 1.1, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports.
Drive Burner can write any and all types of files to multiple drives simultaneously.


4. Which kind of media can I duplicate using Drive Burner?
You can duplicate any media that can plugged into USB ports on a Windows PC. The media can be Pen Drives, Micro SD Cards, SD Cards, External Hard Drives, Magic Gate Sticks or any other media. You can mix media as necessary. Drive Burner writes to all drives simultaneously whether mix or matched media. For Micro SD Cards card readers can be used.


5. How do I get 8 or 16 or 24 USB ports from a system?

You can buy PCI USB cards or Powered or Unpowered USB hubs. They are commonly available in your local computer store or on most ecommerce websites. Prefer powered USB hubs over unpowered ones. Some samples below:


For copying to Micro SD Cards, you can buy card readers, which are also commonly available in your local computer store or online.

6. Is this like creating a multi-drive duplicator by just buying Drive Burner software?
Yes, the Drive Burner software creates a multi-drive duplicator right in your PC or laptop! Use Drive Burner to duplicate the same content to multiple drives simultaneously.

7. What about speed of copying?

Speed of copying depends on factors like:

  • Speed of the USB card/hubs installed on the system,
  • Speed of the buses on the system,
  • Data acceptance speed of the media themselves.

For example writing 7.2 GB of data to one 8 GB – 10 MB/second Pen Drive or Micro SD card by itself will take approximately 12 to 14 minutes.

Using Drive Burner expect the following copy times:
Writing 8 – 8 GB Pen Drives/Micro SD cards similar to the above will take about 25% longer or 16 to 18 minutes. Writing 16 similar Pen Drives/Micro SD cards will take about 50% longer or 22 to 25 minutes. Writing 24 similar Pen Drives/Micro SD cards will take about 75% longer or 35 to 40 minutes. This is a huge saving of time compared to writing each pen drive sequentially one after the other.
If different media are mixed burned together like 3 Pen Drives and 2 Micro SD Cards together, then burning speed will depend on the speed of the slowest media drive being burned.

Help/Support Faq’s :

1. Immediately after burning some pen drives/micro sd cards, I get the following popup in Windows?

This error is not related to Drive Burner, this is a Windows error message. Please check whether one or more of any .zip files you have burned to be damaged. Technical reason: As soon as the burning gets over, Windows tries to scan any .zip files present on the burned drives. If it encounters any errors in any of the .zip files, the above error shows up.